Becoming 2019 Schedule

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Friday, July 26
12:30: Preconference Registration begins (for those taking additional hands on workshops)
1 – 4:30: Hands On Workshops (Sign up here. See individual times for selection)
2:00 Conference Workshop Opens
4:00 Boat Ride (optional for up to 40 people – $5)
5:00-6:30 Dinner at Terrace Restaurant. Buffet style so come anytime between those hours.
6:30 Welcome & Large Group
7:15 Session #1
8:15–10:00 Girls Night In (Lots of fun (optional) activities)

Saturday, July 27
6:30 am Devotional with Christy (optional)
7:15 – 8:30 Breakfast
8:45 Large Group & Giveaways
9:30 Session #2
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Session #3
12 – 1:30 Lunch
1: 40 Session #4
2:45–3:45 Session #5
Free Time/Dinner On Your Own
4:00 – 5:00 Boat Cruise (optional $5) or 6:00 – 6:55pm (Spots still available. Sign up here)
7:00 – 10:30 Keynote followed by Girls Night In

Sunday, July 28
Breakfast 7:30 – 8:30
Pack up for check out by 11:00
9:30 Session #6
10:30 Closing Large Group Session/Keynote
Final Giveaways


2019 Workshop Descriptions: Time slots will be announced soon.

Please note that we have eleven workshop choices (in addition to our large group key notes) and the hardest thing you’ll have to do all weekend is deciding on which five to attend. No sign up required. You just show up at the workshop.

Calming the Chaos            (Vanessa Hunt)

In a world that feels increasingly more out of control, what if our homes could be havens of peace? Together we’ll explore the intricate connection between our hearts and our homes. Because if our hearts feel chaotic our homes feel chaotic. And, if our homes feel chaotic our hearts feel chaotic. Discover your ‘peace personality’ and receive encouragement, practical tips and ideas as well as the opportunity to create your very own peace plan for your home.


5 Steps to Declutter Any Mess                (Dana White)

Overwhelmed with stuff? Suffering from Decluttering Paralysis? Dana K White will teach her simple, five step decluttering process that you can use to work through any mess, no matter how overwhelming.

Each step will improve your space, even if you have to stop in the middle of your project because life happens. You can make visible progress in your home whether you have five minutes, five hours, or five days available to spend decluttering.


A Call to Finish Strong            (Donna Van Eerden – founder and host, Jen Schmidt’s mother)

Donna, a mom of four and grandmother to 30, has a passion for rallying the older women and encouraging them to live the second half of their life (or those who are looking ahead) Spend time gleaning ideas that Donna has implemented, along with brainstorming ways to be an inspiration and share your life experience to encourage the next generation.


Overcoming Depression            (Christy Jordan)

In this session you’ll learn proactive steps that you can take immediately to begin coming out of your depression as well as measures to put in effect to keep you from going back. Christy shares her personal story of how she overcame a deep, years long depression and how she has ordered her life every day to ensure she maintains that victory. For those not grappling with depression but know someones else who is, this session will help you to understand what they are going to and effective tactics that can be used to help.This session is applicable to everyone, whether you’re in a rut, dealing with depression or not. If you want some encouragement, this is for you


Using Photography to Transform Your Family’s Moments into Memories   (Amber Tysl)

Are you still unsure of how to work that fancy camera? (If you have a camera, this is the time to bring it.) Our time together will help you understand exactly what “shooting in manual” really is, just in case you haven’t opened the camera’s manual just yet! From capturing unforgettable moments to capturing that gorgeous table, you will leave knowing what it means to be intentional with your camera. This intentionality can translate through any means of photography—from shooting with your phone (and capturing beautiful pictures from it) or that fancy camera that you can’t quite figure out.


Finding Your Decorating Style and Simple, Creative Projects to Decorate Your Home
(KariAnne Wood)
Interested in creating a home you love on a budget?  Finding Your Decorating Style and Simple, Creative Projects to Decorate Your Home starts with a simple quiz to determine YOUR unique decorating style. KariAnne walks you through simple style decorating ideas for each room and shows you how to make them your own with creative decorating ideas and DIY projects for your home.


Simplifying Cooking & Meal Planning for Your Family               (Lisa Burns)
Eating healthy, real foods and cooking from scratch does not have to be complicated or only for families with big budgets and plenty of time on their hands! Lisa firmly believes that anyone who wants to can learn to cook. She is passionate about teaching others how to make their own food from simple, common ingredients through her blog, cooking videos, and new cookbook. If you want to learn easy, practical tips to make more meals at home, and learn several different meal planning strategies to take the stress out of figuring out what to eat, this session is for you! We will chat about all things Instant Pot, too, so if you have questions, bring them on!


Sparkle Up Your Year:  Life-Giving & Super-Fun Traditions By the Month       (Jessica Smartt)

What are the special events you do every year that you just love? I’ve researched traditions like it’s my job and I’m sharing my absolute favorites for each month! Share your favorites (prizes awarded!) and dream up some new traditions in this interactive forum! Connect with family and friends in ways you never thought possible. It’s so much easier than you imagined.

Plus bonus content: best traditions for your Enneagram type! Don’t know what the Enneagram is? Don’t worry. I’ll tell you.


The Joy Of Being The Cook: How to Enjoy Making Supper – EVERY Night! (Christy Jordan)

Does having to prepare dinner each night feel more like a chore than a joy? In this session Christy will share her tried and true tips to take away the dread of having to prepare supper and turn it to the joy of getting to prepare supper!  It’s about so much more than knowing a few good recipes.


Happy Hand Lettering  (and chalk board too)        (Maghon Taylor)
Maghon is on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting and it is her greatest joy to teach show you how to turn your regular handwriting into something really special. In this session, we will cover all of the basics of hand lettering, tips, techniques and practical uses and even chalk techniques that can be applied to fun projects throughout your home and your life. You do not have to have beautiful handwriting to be a great hand letterer!


Frugal Gardening – Tips and tricks to get your frugal garden started and keep it growing.              (Angel Adams)

If you ever thought you may want to try your hand at this gardening thing, then this class is for you!  Gardening is not hard and if you are willing to invest a little time, you can be a successful edible and flower gardener.  Angel is a self-taught gardener and specializes in container and raised bed gardening of many types – fruit, vegetable, herb and flower gardens.  In this class you’ll learn low cost ways to plan your growing space, choose your plants, care for your growing garden and harvest your bounty.  And, maybe…just maybe…this class can be the beginning of years of gardening fun!

Momming in My Lane (Intentional Mothering for All Seasons) – Jen Schmidt



We have lots of fun in store for our TWO Girls Nights In as well. They’re always a favorite with the attendees.

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