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Becoming 2020 Agenda

Throughout the weekend, we offer amazing workshops that touch on Becoming more Creative, Intentional and Purposeful.

Each speaker is an expert in their field, and eager to share their passion with you. Don’t worry, some of the topics will be repeated, ensuring you can hit on your top choices.

Remember, you do not sign up for these. They’re included in the low cost of your $115 conference ticket and you will have the opportunity to pick four workshops from our list below.

Becoming 2020 Schedule 

Save and Download the PDF to your phone for easy access or print Saturday’s schedule with workshop choices..

Friday, November 13
2:45  Pre-conference Registration begins (for those taking additional hands on workshop)
3 – 4:30: Hands On Workshop (Sign up here. )

  • 6:00 Doors Open for Registration  (For those coming from out of town, feel free to come say “hi” and hang out before then, but we don’t begin until 6:30.
    6:30 – 9:30 Girls Night In with Kelly Swanson and Courtney of Raleigh Cheesy.

Saturday, November 14

  • 8:15 Doors Open for Light Continental Breakfast
  • 9:00 Large Group in Sanctuary
  • 10:00 Session #1
  • 11:00 Session #2
  • 12 – 1:00 Lunch
  • 1:00  Holiday Helps, Hacks and Encouragement
  • 2:00  Session #3
  • 3:00  Session #4
  • 4:00 Closing Session in Sanctuary

2020 Breakout Workshop Descriptions: 

Please note that we have six workshop choices (in addition to our large group key notes) and the hardest thing you’ll have to do all weekend is deciding on which four to attend. No sign up required. You just show up at the workshop.

How to Find Your Unique Decorating Style (and Avoid the Comparison Trap)    Tasha Argruso

We’ve all experienced it. As we’re on that journey to create a home we truly love, there’s always that one room that gets us. We can’t quite figure out what to do with it and unfortunately, we experience interior decorating paralysis. Sound familiar? Need home decor inspiration to get past that? Tasha is on a mission to help you create a home you love, no matter the budget.


A Call to Finish Strong            (Donna Van Eerden – founder and host, Jen Schmidt’s mother)

Donna, a mom of four and grandmother to 30, has a passion for rallying the older women and encouraging them to live the second half of their life (or those who are looking ahead) If that’s you, spend time gleaning ideas that Donna has implemented, along with brainstorming ways to be an inspiration and share your life experience to encourage the next generation.


Simplifying Cooking & Meal Planning                (Lisa Burns)
Eating healthy, real foods and cooking from scratch does not have to be complicated or only for families with big budgets and plenty of time on their hands! Lisa firmly believes that anyone who wants to can learn to cook. She is passionate about teaching others how to make their own food from simple, common ingredients through her blog, cooking videos, and new cookbook.
If you want to learn easy, practical tips to make more meals at home, and learn several different meal planning strategies to take the stress out of figuring out what to eat, this session is for you!
We will chat about easy holiday food ideas, plus all things Instant Pot, too, so if you have questions, bring them on!


Happy Hand Lettering  (and chalk board too)        (Maghon Taylor)
Maghon is on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting and it is her greatest joy to teach show you how to turn your regular handwriting into something really special. In this session, we will cover all of the basics of hand lettering, tips, techniques and practical uses and even chalk techniques that can be applied to fun projects throughout your home and your life. You do not have to have beautiful handwriting to be a great hand letterer!


Preparing Your Heart and Home for the Holidays (with Littles Under Foot)  Bekah Wolfe

With five little ones, Bekah understands the delicate challenge of mothering and making your home a haven while also trying to do the laundry, make dinner, lovingly discipline and disciple those precious blessings… the list never ends.

With a heart to elevate this beautiful gift of mothering, Bekah will lead us through simple grace filled encouragement for this season.


Personality Types 102       Sammie Jo McCluskey and Sheresa Lacey

With quarantine brought about by Covid 19, not to mention a volatile election season, we’ve all responded in surprising ways, not to mention how others may have responded to us. God has wired us all differently with a beautiful blend of personalities, but in this workshop we will dive a little deeper and explore how understanding our personality types help us be better friends, neighbors, spouses, daughters etc .

This will not be a “self help/self empowerment, I have an excuse for my actions” workshop that so many who use the Enneagram ascribe to, but rather we’ll explore this through the lens of the Gospel message. We will look at the connection between the false narrative each of us hears and how it affects our relationships and interactions with others. We’ll dig into how we can better connect with family and friends when we understand these dynamics. This just may be your best holiday gathering time yet.

*If choosing to come to this workshop, we will be looking at the Enneagram. If you don’t know what the Enneagram is or you’re not sure of your type, there are many places to start, but please take a quick free test at before you attend so it’s more beneficial or if you prefer to read, The Road Back to You  is a great place to learn more.



Becoming Frugal

We all want to be more intentional with how we spend our money, and there are lots of ways to do it. Whether wanting to learn quick tips on saving money in the kitchen or decorating your home like a pro without breaking the break account, we have suggestions on it all.  For most of us, we desire to save where you can, so we can spend on what we want.

We will cover beginning and advanced ways to save, including creative ways for home decor, meal planning, freezer cooking and more.

Becoming Purposeful

Many of us fly through each day with lists to get done that we never complete. It’s time to live with intention and purpose. Remember what you started all this for, and refocus on creating organization and intention in a very chaotic world.

Whether you are single or have a house full, understanding your long term vision is key. Whether you desire more encouragement on mothering, living on purpose or organization, these days seem long, yet the years are short, so be blessed by the wisdom of those who have maneuvered these waters for decades.

Becoming Creative

HGTV has revolutionized the way many of us think about decorating, but how can we bring that creativity to our own homes? Be inspired and encouraged with the notion that “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

From experts in DIY and home decor, you will learn how to cast a vision for your own home and find inspiration everywhere. The best part is that all this can be done with just pennies on the dollar.


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